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3 Easy At Home Wellness Shot

3 Easy At Home Wellness Shot

Move the tequila shots aside and try these immunity and wellness boosters. While they are a convenient grab at your local grocery store, they can add up cost wise... + who has time to keep heading back to the store. There are some great wellness shots that are super easy to make at home and not all require a juicer! Try 3 of my favorites below:

Apple cider vinegar shot

-If you struggle with ingestion and want to give your metabolism a kick, try this. 

-2 tablespoons ACV

-1 teaspoon honey 

-1 oz hot water

 Lemon, orange, ginger shot

-Perfect to boost your immune system the natural way. Drink daily for a daily detox as lemon is a natural detoxifier and turmeric is anti-inflammatory. 

-1/2-inch piece of ginger, grated or 2-in piece, juiced

-1 lemon, quartered and squeezed

-1 orange, quartered and squeezed

-1 tsp. ground turmeric sprinkled on top

Beet, pineapple, carrot, lemon shot

-Take this before you workout! Beets are rich in nitrates, which help the body convert to nitric oxide and improve blood flow allowing muscles to work more efficiently.

-1 beet, peeled 

-2 carrots, roughly peeled 

-1 cup pineapple 

-1 lemon