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5 Baking Substitutes for a Healthier Diet

5 Baking Substitutes for a Healthier Diet

Everyone deserves to splurge now and then, whether it’s baking some cookies for the kids or bringing a delicious dessert over to a friend’s house. I’ve found through cooking there are so many swaps you can make to make the nutritional value go up and take the guilty feeling away. See below for some of my favorite substitutes for a clean and healthier diet!

Applesauce for syrup + sugar: When a recipe calls for syrup, swap it for applesauce! It’s naturally sweet and high in fiber. Applesauce only has about 100 calories while the same amount of sugar contains nearly 800. I promise you won’t taste the apple flavoring either!

Canned pumpkin for oil: Oil is one of those ingredients you don’t really think twice about using, however, depending on the amount it can be very high in calories. Instead of vegetable oil, you can substitute 100% pureed pumpkin. Use one cup pumpkin for one cup oil, which will only contribute 100 calories and zero fat.

Coconut milk for dairy: Sometimes almond milk isn’t always the best substitute when it comes to dairy. I personally love coconut milk. Coconut milk from the can is a great alternative due to its fat content. There are so many amazing coconut options out there from whipping cream to sweetened condensed milk.

Greek yogurt for sour cream: Greek yogurt is high in protein and lower in fat than other dairy products. It can be used in place of sour cream or even oil. The ratio can be a little tricky as it’s not always 1:1, start at replacing half but you may have to do some experimenting.

100% whole wheat flour for white flour: Whole wheat in general is always a healthier alternative, even when it comes to baking. Using whole wheat flour can provide nutrients like fiber and protein. Swap in one cup of whole wheat flour for ⅞ cup of white flour for a healthy swap.