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5 Healthy Holiday Hacks

5 Healthy Holiday Hacks

I know the holidays can be a crazy time for everyone! Getting off track with eating and working out is common, it happens to us all. I wanted to share 5 hacks to help you feel the best this winter season!

1. Eat your veggies first! To avoid over indulging and feeling guilty, try to stick to veggies first. This will allow your body to get the nutrients it needs plus you’ll feel full from good-for-you veggies. 

2. Try and workout in the AM! It’s so easy to relax all day in pajamas and watch movies. Remember to do something to boost your energy + motivation. Whether it’s a quick YouTube video workout or walk around the neighborhood, you’ll feel better I promise. 

3. Drink more water. Don’t forget to stay hydrated and flush your body with H20. Sometimes when it gets cold out, we forget to drink water. Drink a big glass before your coffee in the AM to set your intention for the day.  

4. Listen to your body. Sometimes we eat when we’re bored or eating until we’re uncomfortably stuffed. Listen to your body and remember to not rush. Take your time and aim for a balance of healthy foods throughout the day,  

5. Have a well-rested sleep schedule. Sugar cravings can be worsened by lack of sleep. So, sticking to your regular sleep schedule even during the holidays is important. This will help improve your mood, energy and overall health