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Benefits of Drinking Warm Water

Benefits of Drinking Warm Water

Usually when we are thirsty or dehydrated we dream of drinking an ice cold glass of water. However, drinking warm water actually has more benefits than drinking ice cold water. While you might “crave” cold water, try drinking warm water instead for the health benefits listed below:

-Warm water helps to break down the food in your stomach, which makes it easier to digest.

-Improves bowel movements.

-Can relieve constipation.

-Aids in weight loss by increasing your body temperature. It activates the body's metabolism, resulting in more fat burning throughout the day.

-Improves blood circulation.

-Helps to eliminate toxins. When we drink warm water, the body temperature rises and activates the endocrine system, making it easier to sweat.

-High temperatures in warm water can speed up the passage of mucus, so cold symptoms will subside.

So….drink your warm water every day!!