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Healthy Habits to Create in 2023

Healthy Habits to Create in 2023

For me, 2023 is all about creating healthy routines! I try to not put pressure on myself to accomplish X number of goals but to focus on consistency and my version of self-care. Making healthy habits lead to big changes and becoming the best version of yourself. While everyone has their own version of self-care and what healthy habits are important to them, I wanted to share a few ideas you can adopt in 2023! Try to do 3-5 from my list and focus on those for the next month and then slowly adopt more throughout the year.

1. Practice gratitude in the morning or before bed

2. Eat dinner earlier

3. Don’t skip breakfast

4. Keep track of your water intake

5. Set small goals each month

6. Get outside more

7. Build muscle

8. Eat more fruits/vegetables

9. Mediate more

10. Improve your vitamin intake

11. Make your bed every morning

12. Track your workout progress

13. Reward yourself for small goals

14. Eat out less/cook more

15. Journal about your day/week

16. Consume more lean protein

17. Read more/listen to podcasts/audio books that inspire you

18. Find a creative outlet

19. Reduce screen-time

20. Limit alcohol intake