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Healthy Habits to Help You Burn Fat

Healthy Habits to Help You Burn Fat

There are so many ways to burn fat that are healthy and sustainable for everyone! I’ve seen so many crash diets and fads circulating the internet that aren’t realistic to sustain long term. I fully support healthy lifestyle changes that make you feel good inside + out! See below for some healthy ways to burn fat:

Eat healthy snacks:

Eating between meals is actually a great way to prevent overeating when it comes to mealtime. However, it’s important to opt for high fiber, high protein, snacks that will make you feel full for a long period vs temporarily. Nuts, hummus, yogurt, and veggies are my favorites. I try to avoid granola bars or high processed snacks.

Increase cardio + include weight training:

Weight training is a great calorie burner as it allows the food you intake to be used as fuel and help your body recover. It also provides a metabolic boost for the day. Adding cardio into your fitness routine will also help burn fat and help prevent overuse injuries. 

Swap your coffee:

Consider swapping your coffee for green tea or matcha! Green tea is known for being healthy due to its high antioxidant concentration + it can help you burn fat and lose weight. 

Don’t drink your calories:

A lot of drinks including alcohol contribute empty calories to the diet. Avoid soda and sweetened drinks. Use your calories for nutrient dense foods that will fill you up!