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Healthy Snack Alternatives for Kids

Healthy Snack Alternatives for Kids

This blog post is dedicated to all the mamas out there, we all know that feeding your kids can be a real challenge. It can be difficult to find foods that are nutritious but still kid-friendly. It’s so so so important to be feeding your kids healthy foods vs. what might be convenient (like ultra-processed foods). This will help them to make healthy choices as they get older and help with their overall health as they grow. 

I wanted to share some healthier alternatives for your kids favorite snacks that are nutritious and will still satisfy their cravings.

Potato chips: A bag of potato chips are an easy grab and go snack but they are loaded with salt + high in saturated and trans fat. Try veggie chips, a whole grain cracker or make a batch of kale chips (recipe here). These options will keep your child full longer but still give them something salty to munch on. 

Cheese sticks/slices: As I mentioned in my previous blog post (here), over consumption of dairy can cause inflammation and can negatively impact your health. Instead of feeding your kids cheese sticks on repeat, swap them for jerky. Make sure it’s high in protein and lower in carbs when shopping. Epic Provisions makes some great options!

Ice cream: My kids are always asking for ice cream after dinner. While one scoop here and there is fine, having it daily will increase the intake of saturated fat + sugar. Instead, opt for something with protein and fiber. Greek yogurt is a great option and you can add berries/fruit. You can even freeze yogurt in popsicle molds, your kids won’t even know the difference!

Candy: I always make sure to swap candy for fruit aka nature’s candy! You can throw some grapes in the freezer for a cold treat. I always make sure to have cut up fruit in the fridge to quickly grab when my kids want something sweet.

Cereal: When I grew up, my mornings always consisted of cereal before school. While Lucky Charms are delicious it holds hardly any nutritional value. Swap the cereal for oatmeal. You can make it in the mornings in under 10 minutes or you can make some overnight oats the night prior. I like to add berries, pumpkin + chai seeds, almond butter etc. My kids love oatmeal!