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How to Boost Your Metabolism in the AM

How to Boost Your Metabolism in the AM

Let’s be real, we blame our metabolism for a lot of things. Feeling tired? Metabolism. Trying to lose those last 5 lbs and can’t? Metabolism. Why some can eat sweets and not gain any weight? Metabolism. Basically, your metabolism is a function your body does. It keeps your body alive and functioning properly, like digesting your food. Our bodies need energy to carry out all those metabolic processes. Our basal metabolic rate (BMR) is the number of calories our body uses to just keep us alive. 

Here are some tips on increasing your BMR which goes hand in hand with losing weight!

-Warm water w/ lemon

I do this first thing when I wake up! This detoxifies your body, keeps you hydrated while also boosting your metabolism. It helps your body eliminate waste products while helping your digestive system.

-Don’t delay breakfast

Jumpstart your metabolism first thing in the AM by eating breakfast right away to burn the most calories possible throughout the day. Think fruit, yogurt, eggs, toast etc. something simple and healthy to get your body going!

-HIIT workout

High intensity interval training, are short, intense workouts that usually last about 20 minutes. They are known to burn more fat than being on the treadmill or running for hours. Doing HIIT workouts can amp up your metabolism, help shock your body, and aid with weight loss. 

-Don’t forget to eat!!

Saving your calories and eating 2-3 large meals actually slows down your metabolism. Eating smaller protein rich meals  5x a day will help your body process them quicker. Not to mention, protein rich diets will increase your muscle mass, ultimately resulting in a jump started metabolism and an increased caloric burn.