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How To Dress Up Your Leftovers

How To Dress Up Your Leftovers

Sometimes cooking a new well-balanced meal every night is just not realistic! Making an entire dinner one night but feeling meh about eating the same thing 1-2 nights afterwards can make eating healthy feel boring. I’ve learned some few simple hacks to transform your leftovers into an entirely new dish, without putting in too much effort. See below for some tips:

Make a quesadilla

Not only are quesadillas extremely easy but adding protein to them and other leftovers will keep you full and satisfied! Whenever I cook chicken, I’ll make extra to throw in my quesadilla along with veggies etc. You can really add anything and it will taste 10/10

Salad topper

I love buying pre-made salad kits and then adding leftover ground beef, chicken, or leftover protein that matches the salad kit and enhances it. If I make teriyaki chicken, I’ll throw leftovers on an Asian salad kit or ground beef in a southwest salad. 

Make it a bowl

Bowls are basically a salad but with grains! It’s a super easy way to make a brand new meal. You can basically add any dish to a bowl, add some brown rice, lettuce, and top with salsa or your favorite dressing. It will refresh your leftovers and is so tasty! 


Omelets can seriously have anything in them! I think they taste so much better with seasoned vegetables and protein. Think leftover fajitas or basic sides from the night before like broccoli or brussels sprouts. It will be filling and give you more protein if you add leftover steak or chicken!