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How to Reduce Bloating: 10 Tips

How to Reduce Bloating: 10 Tips

"I feel so bloated"... we’ve all been there and we’ve all said those exact words! Having jewelry that feels too tight, waistbands that feel uncomfortable and just the general gross feeling that comes with being bloated is no fun. There are so many reasons that can cause your body to feel bloated such as salty foods, drinking, traveling, period symptoms etc. the list goes on BUT there are some simple ways to get your body feeling back to normal. 


Here are 10 tips on how to reducing bloating:

-Eat potassium rich foods- Excess sodium can cause bloating, so eating foods that are high in potassium will help flush out that excess sodium in your body. Avocado, bananas and sweet potatoes are great options!

-Drink warm water- When your body is dehydrated it tends to hold onto water wherever it can. Drinking more water will help flush your system out. Drinking warm water especially helps with the digestive process vs cold water which will impede the digestive process.

-Add ACV to your morning routine- Apple cider vinegar is known to help debloat and not to mention it helps balance healthy bacteria in the gut, helps with digestion and your body’s absorption of nutrients. Every morning, add one tablespoon of ACV with eight ounces of water, a sprinkle of cinnamon, and a drop of stevia to taste.

-Workout- Exercising and breaking a sweat helps with water retention and blood flow. A quick 20 minute workout after a day of traveling will help with abdominal bloating. The JNL Waist trimmer helps eliminate excess water and promotes sweating.

-Take an Epsom bath- Magnesium in the form of Epsom salts is a natural saline laxative, meaning it helps with constipation and ditching the extra water weight. It’s also super relaxing!

-Try a massage- Lymphatic drainage massages are known to help expedite your body's natural way of getting rid of toxins by pushing fluid to your lymph channels. It helps detox your body and also aiding in weight loss.

-Stop overeating- Feeling stuffed after a big dinner can also feel like you are bloated. Try to limit eating big meals and try smaller portions.

-Try probiotics- Gas is a major contributor to bloating, certain probiotic supplements can help reduce gas production and bloating in people with digestive problems. They can take a while to start working but have numerous health benefits.

-Brew some dandelion tea- It acts as a diuretic to help you reduce bloating by shedding excess water weight. Just be warned, it may increase your need for bathroom breaks!

-Reduce salty foods- When you eat sodium (aka salt), your body retains water to try to maintain the proper balance. So next time you head to a Mexican restaurant, lay off the chips and salsa!