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My Easy Portion Control Tricks

My Easy Portion Control Tricks

When it comes to eating clean and healthy, portion sizes are very important! Before getting into general portion sizes, it’s important to note that it really varies depending on your age, activity level, size, etc. While portion control is an important factor when it comes to losing or gaining weight, the quality of your food matters just as well! It’s easier to overindulge by eating fast food or highly processed foods because they are designed to be overeaten. It’s hard to manage your weight and even find motivation for working out, when you consume a lot of chemically over processed foods. 

By shifting your mindset and a few ingredients for cleaner options you will begin to see changes! When you start consuming real food/ingredients portion control will be a no brainer because your stomach will consume your food a lot slower (making it harder to overeat). 

Here are a few tips for improving your meals:

-Drink over 80 ounces of water a day. That is a little over 4, 16.9 oz bottles. 

-Eat breakfast within 1 hour of waking up

-Keep your meal sizes consistent

-Include various fruits + veggies into every meal!

-Try and eat every four hours

When it comes to portion control, here are a few guidelines that I constantly use:

1 cupped hand = complex carbs (about 2 oz)

2 cupped hands = fruits and veggies (about 1 cup)

Palm of hand = lean protein (3-4 oz)

Thumb = peanut butter/oils (1 TBSP)

Remember to keep in mind, days you are more active you may need increased portion sizes!