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My Favorite Detoxing Foods

My Favorite Detoxing Foods

This New Year, I’m all about improving my diet and sticking to clean eating! While our bodies already do a good job “detoxing” these are some of my favorite foods that also assist in that department.  


Spinach is a great veggie to cook up with salmon or throw in a smoothie. It’s low in calories but packed with nutrients. Flavonoids in spinach help keep cholesterol from oxidizing in your body by acting as antioxidants.



One of my favorites to add to salads or eat as a snack throughout the day. Beets are a high-antioxidant vegetable and contain betaine, which helps the liver rid itself of toxins. 



Avocados contain a ton of antioxidants that help your body expel bad toxins. They also contain around 20 different vitamins and minerals that help decrease the risk of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.



Not only is it flavorful it supports detox due to its antibacterial, antiviral, and antibiotic properties. I love adding garlic to broth or sautéed with spinach + veggies!



Sauerkraut is packed with both prebiotics and probiotics…which is so important! Fermented foods are so important to your diet. Sauerkraut helps detox your liver and remove heavy metals in your system.