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Tips for a Healthy Morning Routine

Tips for a Healthy Morning Routine

It’s never too early for self-care! Having my go-to morning routine seriously keeps me sane. Whenever I skip it, I can feel a difference in my day and my mood. A productive, healthy + low stress morning sets the tone for my whole day. I try to go to sleep around the same time every night and wake up early to start my day. While everyone’s ideal morning routine is different, experiment with what works for you and try some of these healthy habits:

Get out of bed when your alarm goes off

-I know lounging and looking at your phone always seems ideal but put off checking your phone. It can include a lot of stress factors, give yourself the first 15 minutes of waking up without looking at your phone. Sometimes when I check my phone it derails my entire morning routine.

Make your bed

-Everyone’s least favorite chore I know but making your bed is a 2 minute activity that will make you feel good. Whenever my bed is made, I feel so much more productive and less cluttered. Plus, who doesn’t want to crawl into a freshly made bed at the end of the night.

Stretch your body

-Whether you love to workout in the morning or not, make sure you do a quick 5 -10 minute stretch before starting your day. It’s a great way to get your blood flowing!

Drink water

-I always drink a big warm glass of water with lemon before I start getting ready. This helps boost my metabolism and gets me ready before my workout.

Wash your face/get ready

-I personally like to workout in the morning. So I will quickly wash my face and save my complete morning/skincare routine till I’m back from the gym.

Squeeze in a workout

-I love working out in the morning, even if it’s a quick at home workout. Getting your heart rate up can help start your day with more energy!

Cold shower

-If you are still feeling groggy or tired, try a quick 30 second cold shower. This helps to awaken your body and I promise you’ll be ready to start the day.

Write out your to-do list/review your day ahead

-I try to save this till I’m completely done with my morning routine. It keeps my morning less stressed and I can strategize the rest of my morning with a clear head. I keep appointments + tasks in my calendar so I can delete as I complete.