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Tips On Overcoming Procrastination

Tips On Overcoming Procrastination

Procrastination can feel like an endless cycle, we feel guilty, criticize ourselves and avoid. It’s something I’ve struggled with and I’m sure we all go through periods of procrastination. There are a few factors that allow us to “procrastinate”… poor habits + anxiety/boredom. Everyone has different triggers and finding out the main cause of procrastinating will help you minimize minor incidents of procrastination. The first major step is admitting you are procrastinating, which sounds silly I know! Admitting that you are avoiding the tasks that you are supposed to be doing, will help recognize the problem and help to change your mindset. 

-Eliminate distractions! Turn off or silence your phone. Listen to calming music which can help drown out distractions. 

-Set realistic goals. Dividing your task list into something realistic and small can make the tasks at hand seem less daunting.  

-Reward yourself. Don’t be afraid of rewarding yourself for a job well done. This will help train your brain develop those healthy habits.

-Hold yourself accountable! While it’s easy to find reasons not to do X, Y & Z and take unnecessary or extra-long breaks, catch yourself before this happens. Remember that you are responsible for what you complete or don’t complete. Tell a friend or family member and ask them to check up on your goals, deadlines, and accomplishments.