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Ways to Step Into Your Confidence

Ways to Step Into Your Confidence

For some (including myself at times), feeling self confident doesn’t always come easy. Even if you feel a natural confidence in the workplace, at home, with friends or family, it’s easy to let negativity take over. When it does, try focusing on the positive things you can do for yourself and that make you feel happy + confident. Here are some of my favorite ways to channel that positive, confident, energy.


I love to release energy and stress by working out and moving my body. No gym, no problem... you can easily invest in some equipment and get in an amazing at home workout. I have some YouTube workouts as well :) Working out is so important for us to do on a weekly basis. It’s the best stress reliever. I encourage you to get moving even if it’s something as simple as stretching in your room, doing a quick warm-up routine, or taking a walk outside. Your body wants to move! It doesn’t have to be extreme. All of those negative thoughts just wash away when you are actively working on strengthening your body. In return you will see results over time which strengthens confidence too!


So, speaking of confidence… how do you feel in the clothes you're wearing? I think a lot of people overlook this aspect of life but when we dress nice we feel good. If you're wearing clothing every day of the week that makes you feel out of touch with yourself then it might be time to switch it up! I love to use clothing as a means of self-expression and if you've been thinking about doing something different this is your sign to do that. If you feel like you don't really have fashion sense then utilize your resources! Ask your friends, family, or partner to help you! Life is too short for you to not dress the way you want to.


Not enough of us let loose and just dance! Dancing is serious therapy! This is one of my personal favorite ways to connect with myself. It’s so freeing and is a great challenge. Afterward I feel empowered. If you don’t feel comfortable taking classes, go out on the weekends! If you're too shy to dance in public, just jam out in your room. Dance in front of the mirror and just become one with your energy. Don’t be afraid to get sexy with it either. Just let it all go with the music.

Create your vibe

Create your own vibe in your sacred space. This will absolutely cater to your five senses and it makes it effortless for you to connect with yourself. Whether it’s your room, office, or living room, create the perfect space for you. I always have a cup of water nearby, I have a speaker for my music, and candles burning. My space is always clean and my bed is always made. All of these components together makes it feel super cozy. Even on vacations, I create my space. If you need inspiration or ideas, go to Pinterest.