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Ways To Upgrade Your Health

Ways To Upgrade Your Health

Maintaining your mental health is JUST as important as your physical health, they really both go hand in hand. Whenever I’m feeling off track or in a slump working out, eating a healthy meal and doing something positive for myself really helps to boost my mood. I’m really big into setting healthy routines. I try and do that for myself and my kids! It can be a challenge but there’s no better feeling then doing something for yourself and taking time for YOU! I wanted to share some of my favorite health hacks that are FREE! These are easy things you can do for yourself that will help boost your mood, energy, and overall mental health.


Better sleep = better health, better cognition, and most importantly a better mood! Try going to bed early a few nights in a row and you’ll be feeling so much more energized throughout the day.



Not sure where to start? YouTube has so many 5 - 10 minute meditation videos that will help guide you. Meditating helps reduce stress, anxiety, fear, and improves your mood + focus!



We all know the benefits of working out health wise but it boosts blood flow throughout the body which increases serotonin and dopamine. Even going on a 15 minute walk each day will do wonders for your mind + health!


Gratitude + Morning Practices

I like to take time every morning while I’m getting ready to think about 3 things I’m grateful for and set my intentions for the day. It may seem like a small insignificant practice but it helps set the tone for the day!


Get Sun

Being outside in the sun even if it’s just for a few minutes will boost your energy levels naturally and will set your circadian rhythm.


Drink MORE Water

Hydration is key for your health + brain function!!