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What Your Grocery List Should Include

What Your Grocery List Should Include

It’s easy to make healthy choices at the grocery store when you start with a shopping list! I tend to organize my list by the store sections, that way I can easily get in and out. It’s always important to have meals in mind, so you know how you will use what you buy. 

Whether you are pressed for time or have a tight budget, planning healthy meals and grocery shopping doesn’t have to be a daunting task.

I created a framework shopping list you can take to the grocery store every time to ensure you’ll have everything you’ll need:

2 proteins: Select one cooked/prepared protein and one raw protein. I love the pre-marinated options available!

2 veggies: Pick something that can be easily roasted or steamed as a side.

2 fruits: Pick just two you can eat as a snack or in the AM with breakfast.

Fresh herbs: Pick your favorites! I love basil, thyme, and parsley. 

A dozen eggs: For breakfast or to hard boil for a snack. 

Greek yogurt: I’ll eat as a snack, use to substitute sour cream, and use in my smoothies.

Choice of grain: Brown rice and quinoa are my go-tos. 

Granola: I love adding to my yogurt in the AM and it’s also the perfect quick snack. 

Smart snack: Nuts, dark chocolate, or popcorn! Think healthy but will curb your cravings.