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Why All Calories Are Not Created Equal

Why All Calories Are Not Created Equal

Did you know that all calories aren’t created equal? While you may assume a calorie is a calorie, your body responds differently to different types of calories. Different foods can have a major effect on your hormones and brain that control hunger and eating behaviors. 

Calories from whole foods provide more value than processed foods. While 100 calories of candy vs 100 calories of kale provide the same amount of energy, whole foods provide more value to your health with more nutrients. Think fats, carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. 

Different foods are absorbed differently by the body. When you eat protein, the body burns more calories compared to fats/carbs because it requires more energy to metabolize. This is why most diets consist of a high protein low carb ratio. 100 calories of chicken is more beneficial than 100 calories of bread. 

Sugary, processed foods, are known to increase cravings. Obviously protein is filling for your body. Some foods can fail to leave you feeling good AND increase more cravings. Having a lot of sugary/processed food gives your brain dopamine, which will cause you to crave something and require more sugar for your brain to get that same “reward”. 

Try incorporating foods that are harder to overeat. Fruits + vegetables give you a higher volume of food with fewer calories consumed. Imagine eating 570 calories of kale….that’s literally 18 cups haha