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5 Smoothie Staples I Swear By

5 Smoothie Staples I Swear By

I love making my own smoothie post workout and they have become a staple in my wellness routine! Not only can they aid in weight loss, but you can make them with nutritious ingredients your body needs like fiber + minerals. Sharing some of my must-haves when it comes to building the perfect smoothie.

Veggies- If you don’t mind the smoothie color turning green adding spinach or kale is a great way to add more antioxidants to your drink. 

Protein- adding some Greek yogurt or protein powder is a must for every smoothie! I find vegan protein powder is better for my digestion vs whey, so I usually only use vegan protein powder. The simpler the ingredients the better, so keep an eye on labels and watch out for added sweeteners.

Plant-based fat- Nut butters or avocados will make your smoothies more filling! Make sure to keep track of measurements because over doing the nut butter or avocado can make your smoothies high on the calories. 

Boosters- Sprinkling in ingredients such as 


-chia seeds



-bee pollen

-matcha powder



-flax seed

can bring more health benefits to your smoothie. 

Grains- If have a packed day or an intense workout, I’ll add grains to my smoothie. Oats or other fiber-rich grains will help keep you full. This will be extra important when you want to turn a snack-smoothie into a meal-smoothie. If I add grains, it will usually replace by breakfast + lunch.