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My Pregnancy Favorites

My Pregnancy Favorites

I’m so excited to announce I’m pregnant! Being a mother has been my favorite role in life and it’s been so rewarding watching Shai + Hendrix grow. I can’t wait to have another little bundle of joy… yes, it’s a girl! The beginning of this pregnancy was very difficult, I had intense nausea and was diagnosed with hyperemesis gravidarum. The first few months I couldn’t even leave my bed, let alone the house. I finally started to feel a bit better after the 4 month mark and wanted to share some of my pregnancy favorites! This pregnancy I really made it a point to listen to my body and take care of myself. 

These are some of my favorite foods and routines that helped me feel my very best!

Staying Active

This was honestly so difficult to do in the beginning of my pregnancy. I constantly felt sick, so it was so hard to workout or be active at all. The days I would push myself, I would feel good throughout the day! Even short walks around the block in the fresh air, anything to get out of the house and push myself to be active. Again, this was so hard early on but I would notice my days would be more productive and I would feel so much better afterwards. Lately, I’ve been doing more workouts/cardio as I’ve been feeling significantly better. I really just take it day by day and listen to my body! I noticed it helps when I have a workout buddy too!

Cooked Sushi

I’ve always loved sushi but during this pregnancy I’ve been craving it all the time! To get my sushi fix, I’ll order rolls/dishes that are cooked, nothing raw. Even rolls with all veggies! It is a pretty healthy craving to say the least, my last pregnancy all I would want were smashburgers and milk shakes haha

Anything Acai

During the mornings or even for a snack, anything acai related is my go-to. Whether it be smoothies or bowls, this has been another intense craving of mine! Luckily, there are so many spots in Los Angeles that have so many amazing smoothies + bowls. See below for some of my favorite spots:

-Juicy Ladies


-Sunlife Organics

-What A Peach


As you know from my YouTube videos, I love my Care/Of vitamins! I switched my monthly subscription to their prenatal vitamins. They contain 23 essential nutrients, offer a 30-day supply. They mail them to me which is so convenient. Research has shown that certain nutrients, like folate and iron, are essential for a healthy pregnancy and can reduce the chance of birth defects. Use code JOIE50 :)

Additionally, since I haven’t been feeling well Unisom has really helped me get my sleep in. It also treats insomnia that I sometimes struggle with. I’ve also been taking Vitamin B6 on its own because it is helpful in reducing nausea in pregnancy. It also helps with prevention of preeclampsia.

JNL Water Bottle Tracker

Along with vitamins, staying hydrated has been SO important! I’ve been using my JNL Water Bottle Tracker every day to make sure I stay on track with my water intake, especially on the days I don’t feel well. It’s so convenient to carry around and looks cute too :)

Seamless Workout Sets

I usually don’t a buy a lot of maternity workout clothes but will size up in regular styles that have a lot of stretch. I love seamless sets because there is no waistband seam cutting into your belly. Usually, the thicker fabric helps to hold everything in. I love the JNL On Point Sets and our jumpers because they are seamless.

Skinomatics belly oil

I’m huge on lotions and oils, especially with pregnancy!! I love Skinomatics belly oil because it’s lightweight, increases skin elasticity, hydration, and moisture. It prevents stretch marks from appearing and drastically minimizes the appearance of and pre-existing stretch marks