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3 Healthy Ways To Boost Your Energy

3 Healthy Ways To Boost Your Energy

The cold, gloomy winter months can make everyone feel extra sleepy and sluggish. Even with enough sleep, waking up early and making it through the day can feel exhausting. Once 3 PM hits, that post lunch energy slump usually happens to me. I found a few simple hacks that help to boost my energy throughout the day and keep me feeling energized + productive.

-Get some fresh air/ or a change of scenery. Exercise in general helps to boost your energy but you don’t need a 1 hour workout to feel the effects. A quick walk around the block, the office, or a few flights of stairs can help break up the day and keep your energy levels up. If you sit in an office all day, getting up and moving will help tremendously. 

-Limit sugar! Yes, caffeine, sugar, and carbs will boost your energy momentarily but the drop will make you feel extra sleepy. Eating healthy and limiting sugar will keep you energized in the long run. Whole grains, fruit, protein, etc. will keep you more stable throughout the day. 

-Make sure you ARE eating. While limiting sugar is important, make sure you are eating enough throughout the day. Your body requires a certain number of calories to fuel your body and prevent your metabolism from slowing down. Make sure you are filling your body with healthy, clean, nutrient dense foods.