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5 Foods for a Flat Stomach

5 Foods for a Flat Stomach

While there are a ton of different variables that can affect how we store stomach fat, certain foods you eat can contribute to bloating. There are a range of nutrient-dense foods that are key to boosting your overall health. It’s always important to remember, in order to achieve a flat stomach, your focus should be on eating a balanced nutritious diet, as well as strength training, cardio and exercising regularly. I personally always aim for nutritionally dense foods and meals that are also high protein. 

Sharing some flat tummy foods below:

Cucumber: A natural diuretic which helps remove water weight and helps with bloating. 

Lemon: Warm water with lemon helps jumpstart your metabolism and gastrointestinal tract. This helps food pass through faster and easier. 

Blueberries: Packed with antioxidants that change how the body stores glucose resulting in a flatter stomach. 

Avocado: Helps reduce inflammation. Avocado also helps prevent blood sugar spikes which causes the body to store fat at the waistline. 

Banana: High in fiber, low in calories! Fiber is what helps you feel fuller longer.