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How to Make a Healthy Grocery Store List

How to Make a Healthy Grocery Store List

Feeling overwhelmed when it comes to grocery shopping and eating healthy? Trust me you’re not alone, everyone (including myself) can feel stressed at the thought of walking around a grocery store. Whether you are pressed for time or have a tight budget, planning healthy meals and grocery shopping doesn’t have to be a daunting task. 

 It’s easy to make healthy choices at the grocery store when you start with a shopping list! I tend to organize my list by the store sections, that way I can easily get in and out. It’s always important to have meals in mind, so you know how you will use what you buy. 

I created a simple shopping list you can take to the grocery store every time to ensure you’ll have everything you’ll need to make healthy meals throughout the week! Check it out below:





-Leafy greens






Starches (Vegetables):


-Potatoes (I usually opt for sweet)










-Chicken breast

-Eggs/egg substitutes

-Lean ground turkey





-Nuts/seeds/nut butters


Dairy: (Try to stay away or use dairy free products if you can)


-Milk (or your favorite dairy free option)

-Fat free greek yogurt



-Bread (whole grain/ezekiel) 


-Whole wheat pasta





-Dijon mustard 

-Marinara sauce 

-Salad dressing (low calorie) 



-Olive oil 



Hopefully this list will help you during your next grocery store outing!