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What are Alkaline Foods?

What are Alkaline Foods?

You may have heard of whole30, keto, or even palo foods but have you heard of alkaline superfoods?  Alkaline foods are an important part of helping your cells, systems, and body detox and function at 100%. Adding more alkaline rich foods is important because our typical diet can make our body very acidic because of poor fats, overconsumption of protein, not enough fiber, and too much sugar. When your body becomes too acidic, it leads to inflammation and can put you at risk for other disorders. When you add more alkaline foods to your diet, your body is able to function at its highest level.  It can aid in the reduction of inflammation, including skin and muscles. Joint pain, bloating, gas, constipation etc. are all signs of a pH that’s imbalanced. 

So how do you incorporate alkaline rich foods into your diet? They are basically plant-based, nutrient-dense foods that will aid your body in a positive way. I’m no way suggesting you should be vegan or vegetarian but if you eat mainly plant-based you will most likely be consuming a large amount of alkaline foods.

See below for some alkaline superfoods:

-Leafy green vegetables 

-Most fresh fruit 

-Fermented foods such as kimchi and sauerkraut 

-Plant based protein sources 

-Cauliflower, broccoli,and brussels sprouts
-Raw nuts and seeds 












-Olive oil 

-Alkaline water 



-Green tea